"First, thank you so much for the generosity of hosting such a forum. It was nearly 7 hours packed with information, trading strategies and market insights that were invaluable, and delivered through a serious, yet sometimes humorous, dialogue that was so much fun and more than one could ever hope for.

You simply can't put a price on today. I don't yet know how much money it would have cost me to miss today, but I'll let you know in a lifetime. I have pages of notes that will be with me forever. I feel like I went through an intense "hands-on" training on how to apply everything that I've heard you share and repeat for years.

I can't thank you enough for being the teacher that appeared when I need you the most. I'm continually amazed by your commitment to our success. With that kind of support, there's no excuse for us not to learn it, own it, and carry it forward to change lives through it. I especially appreciate the candid accountability that you expect from each of us. Sometimes that's the tough love you need to hear. Thanks for walking beside me." 

~ Jason ~



October 3rd  -  October 28th
(4 Weeks)

  • Live Interaction
  • Live Daily Mentoring / Training Sessions
  • Daily Strategy Sessions
  • Over 35+ hours of Live Coaching
  • Cost $500.00 for 4 weeks
  • Limited seating

Attend live coaching and receive a FREE 3 Hour Training Video
(a $250.00 value)

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The ability to review your positions personally with TF, interact live during trading hours, and have detailed discussions about stocks and markets within a small group, is priceless."


The coaching sessions allow you to discuss the market live with TF as he walks you through trades while they are developing and through execution with entries, stops, and targets.

You get the opportunity to see the market through his eyes and study with live examples of what to look for when taking a trade and what to avoid. I feel like my training has been sped up and elevated to a higher level.


The coaching sessions start with you and evolve into a cohesive group to support the goal of trading consistently and successfully.  The synergy created amongst the participants has been amazing."


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