Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.


I have had three lucky moments in my life and career that brought people into my life that changed the trajectory of my life and career beyond my wildest imagination, and turned my life into something a young girl could only dream about. All of these people believed in me and gave me the opportunity to learn and achieve my dreams and helped me realize a life of unlimited potential.  Each person brought a unique gift that transformed my life in a different way and taught me that nothing was beyond my reach. The journey of my life was preparing me for the day I was given the opportunity to meet you.


“I know that I know” that joining your website in January when my life had hit rock bottom was the fourth luckiest moment of my life. The combination of being given the opportunity to go back to work from home and know with certainty that I’ll be able to earn a living and support myself while being taught and mentored by one of the greatest investors is like hitting the lotto of life for the fourth time.  I spoke to my best friend last night and I was telling them all about you and this gift and opportunity I have been given and my friend said “you sound like yourself again”  You can’t imagine what that means to me. Over the last 18 months I had lost almost everything important in life and the worst part of it was feeling that I had lost the person I was and I didn't think I’d ever have a chance of being myself again. It is clear that my life will never be the same and there are great things ahead of me because of you.


I don’t know if you've ever heard the Yiddish term mensch, this is the traditional definition:


a person of integrity and honor.


I would add this:


“A mensch really represents a moral ideal for all people. A mensch is a kind, decent and reliable person, sensitive to other people's needs and seeking ways to help them. In Judaism, to call someone a mensch is one of the highest compliments that can be given.  It means he is generous (like a real man), reliable (like a real man), and loyal. A mensch is what you want your best friend to be. If he were, he would be a real mensch. You couldn't ask for more”


I can’t think of a better way to describe you, TF:)  You have a unique gift of both expertise and the skill to teach it to others by removing all the clutter and drawing the focus to the most important indicators.  You generously share your time and gifts with strangers helping them improve their lives and make their dreams come true. Your gift of teaching others saves them from losing hard earned money they might never recover. The nominal charge for the membership to your site couldn't possibly be considered compensation since the value of the lessons and your time is immeasurable. Your open heart never fails to lift our spirits and you take time each day to let us know you’re in our corner and we can count on you. The hours that you take away from your own life and family to devote to your members is without equal.


I hope you always remember that  there are many stories like mine of lives you've touched, both in the financial community and through your charitable work that haven’t had the opportunity to convey their thanks and share their feelings and gratitude with you. I hope you always remember the lives you touch and how your generosity of spirit has the capacity to transform the lives of other people. I know how much you love your young children and it sounds like they adore you and are blessed with a great mother and father.  I hope one day they truly know what a mensch their father is and how his selfless devotion to others changed their lives. It’s a beautiful thing :)


No Strings. Just Facts.


Learn why even the pros listen to The Trader.



I knew nothing about stock trading before I met you TF.  Let me emphasize nothing. My scientific background taught an entirely different language and discipline. When I read those letters and heard the level of experience, expertise and responsibility your members have, 15 yrs. experience, managing other people’s money...etc. etc. I began to wonder if I was in the right “classroom.” You know that my journey started with a loss of money which I wanted to get back. That was all. Little did I know it would turn into a challenging, all consuming new and exciting path for me.


I am awed by the knowledge I’ve acquired in a relatively short time. You say “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. I believe that when an impassioned teacher shows up, the students will appear. And you showed up. Lending your influence on our behalf, so that we can apply the vast concepts you teach in a useful way. With your strategic, no-nonsense approach, you keep us clear, alert and focused.


Equipping us to own our game, know our opposition and know ourselves better. There is never a dull moment in your classroom and no one leaves uninformed. Demonstrating solutions instead of letting us stray into complexities. Why? Because you see a greater good in all of us and force us to see that as well. What little confidence I had to start with, turned into determination.

I cannot adequately express my gratitude to you. Just thank you for approaching each day with such skill, compassion and thoroughness.




I have been a member of yours since mid-2013 and it has been the single best investment I have ever made in myself. Prior to joining, I had been trading stocks and options for over 15 years and overall lost a great deal of money. The bad habits I accumulated over those 15 years did a lot of damage to my bank accounts.  Through all of it I still love to trade and have a passion for it.  Prior to joining you I had signed up for several subscription based services with multiple services from stock and option picks, monthly newsletters, webinars, etc.  All of them put together have taught me nothing about how to really trade seriously and remind me of just throwing darts at a board.


Since becoming a member, you have not only been a mentor through your videos, tweets, and live webinars but have also become a good friend and have really helped me understand the unbelievable number of mistakes I have made to lose so much money so consistently.  When you have bad habits they take time to overcome and you really need to rework the way you think since I had been thinking the wrong way for so many years on so many levels.  There have been several times when I've reached out to you for advice at pretty much any hour of the day and you unselfishly jumped online with me or gotten me on the phone to help me through a trade.  Considering how much you have going on in your own life and you make me feel like you really care.  You are there for me more than some of my longest friends.


Your depth of knowledge, understanding of the markets and the way you convey it is priceless.  The way you can communicate your thoughts and teachings through videos and live webinars on multiple areas of focus; from how to come up with a plan for a trade from start to finish, how to manage your trade, and how to analyze individual stocks with different techniques is incredible.  You take the time to explain things when people have trouble understanding.  In fact, you tell many people including myself the same thing over and over and over again but to erase the bad habits, it is often necessary.


 I'm glad you remind the beginners the road they must take isn't easy or that they will get there quickly...but the journey there is what makes them rich...the end result will take care of itself...Your teachings have taken about 6-8 months to sink in for a veteran who was up and mostly down for many are the mentor and friend I've been looking for over the past 15 years and without you I would still be completely lost.  I really do think differently now about trading and am much calmer when executing a trade without as much stress after pressing the button.  I know I'm getting better every day because of you.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have taught me and money you have saved me so far.  There were times in the beginning and in between that I've wanted to give up on myself and trading altogether but you have showed me that over time with studying and hard work it can be done successfully.  I am not there yet but I am on the right path thanks to you.  I believe that some people are put in your life for a specific reason and you are definitely one of them.


For anyone thinking of joining:

If you are thinking about becoming a member it is well worth your time to enlist in a free week so you can get an idea of how much he has to offer and bring your trading game to an entirely different level.  His advice is real time as we all go through these uncertain times and will give you a chance to sit back, watch, and learn.  TF's style is clear cut.  He gives incredibly accurate and timely advice.  It’s not always what you want to hear but he always gives me the truth; regardless if it hurts or not because I know some of these people could potentially get burned big here if they don't know what they are doing.  Understanding what patience means, how it relates to consistently successful trading, how to take profits and manage a trade, his gold calls has all been spot on.


"I sincerely do appreciate all you do.  I've learned so much in so little time, but recognize I have ALOT further to go.   My butt has taken the shape of my chair and my eyes are glossing over working on this stuff hours and hours into the evening.  My wife thinks I'm nuts, but enjoys hearing you when I replay the webinars."


Cheers.  You’re the best!



"I am amazed at how generous you are with your time. I know as newbies enter the website there is a great deal of repetition and I think you are handling the questions masterfully.  I have learned so much in the past 4 months that I am beginning to gain my confidence back.  My trades are small, but successful and that is thanks to you being in my head every day.  Thank you.


If you are up for the evening Q&A, I will not miss the opportunity to continue to learn and profit from your knowledge and experience.  Each time I hear you talk about your mistakes, I swear all you would have to do is insert my name.  Been there, done that!


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"



"I took the time to go over my notes and truly digest what we went over during our one on one.  You immediately detected that I was buying early on the ascending channels and you taught me to wait for the break of the trend line on volume. 

Well TF, I took that to heart.  I was watching GOOG all last week build the B to C on lighter volume and once it broke the trend line, I pounced.  I made about $15 dollars on the move!!!  I was so freaking excited that I was applying everything you taught me correctly that I think I scaled out to quickly!!!  Nevertheless, I am giddy because everything is coming to me!!"



"Thanks TF,


Appreciate all the input and support.  I've been on this ride since the website opened and love all the posts / webinars.  I'm 25 years old and you've given me all the information / support to be successful as long as I put in the time to study / learn to practice and perfect my own trading system.  Look forward to it all"


"Thanks for the education… in just 2 months I’ve learned a tremendous amount, and my thinking has changed dramatically. I’m really focusing and identifying the type of trader I am... I appreciate all the ideas, charts, videos, webinars. I like how you mix it up.  Not everyday is the same in the markets, so mixing it up, keeps your service fresh and interesting.

I really enjoyed today’s webinar. I like the webinars because, hearing from so many people that are or aren’t successful, really helps me take an honest accounting of what I’m doing, right and wrong…

Seeing other people’s successes / failures really hammers home how important it is for me to have rules. I also get a lot out of the webinars, because your personality comes out, and the constant messaging, rants, and understanding of what’s going on in people’s minds, is getting into my mind. Thanks for all you do."



"Thank you for answering my question this a.m. in the Morning Call.  You have a a great talent besides being a great trader and that is TEACHING! You remind me of my old cost accounting teacher  in college. He gave hard problems that made YOU think. Then after you completed them he would go over them in great detail.  Thank you so much for teaching & explaing on each and every video."



"Just wanted to let you know that I got a new job as an equity analyst, so that is why I have not been able to join the webinars lately. However, I religiously follow your posts and listen to all of the material late at night.


Happy to inform you that my account is now in the Green :) went long on the LNKD break out yesterday for a good gain, went short on GS and got out on the spike to the downside this morning.


It's funny to see how it is all coming together slowly but surely! Appreciate all you do, and keep it coming!!"


Cordially: Christoffer

"Thanks to you I regain a (bit) of my portfolio back. Hats off for you TF, you are like a father always next to us giving us advice, and let us try it on our own and if we make a mistake you are there to remind not to do so again. Thanks"



"I'm on my 50th hour of the work week and have another 24 more this weekend, BUT I've watched every minute of video's you have posted on the site this week and read every chart over.


Just wanted to thank you again!!  I've had 5 straight winning weeks!  This week I made zero trades which was a win because I protected my profits from previous weeks!  You've helped me stay calmer and SEE charts better.  I still have a long way to go, so please continue to teach!"



"I'm a big fan of your since 3 years back i'm following you on Twitter. Forgive my bad english, I come from a land far far away in South East Asia where monthly salary is only 150usd/month....


Here after only seeing you trade. i understood clearly that Stocks are Stocks, these are items which people trade based on emotion, information, news and many other things.....and much more like life seeing from a bigger has cycles, patterns and crowd behaviour. "



"Loved your emphasis on notes on last night's market recap. I usually watch it several times. But also especially appreciated the notes posts today. I've added them to MY OWN notes that I'll review everyday.


Thanks for being the leader that you are. It's your leadership that's helping us change our lives and our futures."



"Just wanted to share this with you


How can someone put a price to a teacher/mentor that says -

“I’m walking next to you – I’ve got your back”

 And you follow through on that promise. I hear it in every webinar.

And beyond that you’re just an email away.

Thursday’s morning call alone, was worth $99.00


I’ve had private lessons of many sorts, some from the “so called" best. Never did I walk away with as much confidence and comprehension as you give in just 17 minutes.


Thank you TF"


"Thank you for all your help. I have learned more in 2 weeks from you than in my 15 years of muddling around on my own."



"I really appreciate you taking the time to make the video.  Never had service like that.


The video was very helpful and like you said it's nothing new, I just need to get the concept in my head to be able to use it over the longer term. This market has been very crazy especially for newer traders like me, almost always going up despite reality of what's really going on in the global economy, and it seems many have gone to day trading and chasing stocks for small gain, crumbs as you call it, and it makes us newer traders think we are doing something  wrong by not doing the same. 

However, the more time I spend with your site and study charts, the more I am learning that sometimes it's best to sit on your hands and watch, and not follow the crowd. It's a big adjustment from thinking as a physician to thinking like a stock trader so it will take some time.

I have never seen a market rocket up like this over the past few years and common sense tells me it can't go on so I will continue to be patient and wait for the best set ups.  I have learned a lot and am learning every day from your webinars/post and appreciate it very much.  Have a great weekend and look forward to having you back. Thanks again for the video"



"TF, appreciate the chart postings, with text.  You are giving us great information, that only you can provide and pound into our heads, which breaks bad habits.  You all are wonderful and your site is excellent. Thank you very much!"


"You've enlightened me and changed my trading style in one short week.   Your saying "when the student is ready, the teacher appears" is true but I didn't realize what a gift you would be. 

Thanks for your generosity and thoughtfulness and absolute determination to turn us into great traders. You make me feel like I'm family and I appreciate your insights that have both made me money and kept me out of trouble.  So glad I was led to you."


"Great call on AMZN - Love your mid day and end of day webinars as we watch it live - I am so much more relaxed in my trades now that i am mastering Price and Volume and how the markets acts and re acts. No more panic trades. "



"Hi TF, just reflecting on my month. I have learned so much more this month on my trading skills. I have gotten much better at identifying swing points and measured moves and because of that I am becoming less greedy about taking profits.

I covered my GOOG short and am all cash going into the weekend. I know I have a long way to go until I can do this business full time but I'm on the right path.


I need to work on my patience even more. While I'm waiting for a chart to set up I try to day trade another stock and my success in doing that is 50/50. I tend to do that even more in a "revenge trade" where I did not make as much money as I thought I should or lost money on a trade I will try to force a "revenge trade" to make up for it and lose more money.


I have identified this weakness and the pain has become greater than the pain to change so I will change that habit.


On a personal note since joining the site I have also changed my habits in order to become healthier for myself and my family. I decided that If I can't control the bad habits as it relates to my health how can I control my bad habits from my trading."


"Setting up,  building cause. No juice, no juice.  Thanks TF for opening my eyes to a new and correct way to watch the markets work. Nobody out there looks at markets like you do.  Correctly! Your insight and knowledge are greatly appreciated as I finally begin to learn."


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